Our Advantages

In NewTech we offer solutions tailored to every need of our customers, through the use of Smart Card technology. We apply leading edge techniques to develop our products, creating intelligent files structures (mappings) capable of adapting itself, inclusive, to cards in user’s phase.

We have extensive experience in web interfaces, integrating all the benefits provided by the smart card technology with the flexibility and availability offered by the Internet. The implementation of our solutions is possible through the use of technological equipment of last generation and more qualified human resources, in this way we all coordination, supervision, execution and implementation of your project.

Business strategies that we developed to support our competitive advantages are based on:

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The processes of developing solutions that the company provides are targeted to exceed customer needs pointing to integrate it from a first solution to a complete platform of technological services.
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Customer Responsiveness
The proposed solutions are developed entirely by NewTech so the response time and technical support to customers is effective and fast.
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The flexibility of the solutions developed with open platforms allows NewTech customers to interact with existing systems that also work with smart cards (banks, universities, etc.).