EMV – Cards and Payment

Newtech represents exclusively in Venezuela and Puerto Rico to Gemalto. This company provides 80% of microprocessor cards to the first 5 card billing Banks in Latin America listed by the Nilson Report 2013.The confidence given to us by our customers has led to Gemalto undisputed leader in chip market banking in Latin America with over 50% market chip.

EMV Tarjetas y Pago

All major banks in Latin America have adopted Gemalto EMV program, including Bradesco, Banamex (Citigroup), Itau, BBVA Bancomer, AMBRO ABN, HSBC and Santander. However, we also have a portfolio that fits the size of each Bank with a very personalized service, always with the purpose of modernizing payments infrastructure, provide greater value to users, and reduce fraud.

In Venezuela Newtech provides payment cards to 9 of the Top 10 banks. We are moving together with these banks from the stage of chip migration strategy, including the definition, consulting and creating value-added services; also supporting them in everyday procurement and logistics related to the delivery of the cards.

We can help your institution:

  • Design a system that includes smart card technology (EMV, contact and contactless technology, architecture mobile payment, electronic payment).
  • Analyze the impact of the implementation of smart cards
  • Define requirements, review specifications franchises
  • Define the test plan and certification.


Our variety of open and proprietary cards are solutions that fit the needs of small and large deployments of EMV cards. These are complemented by a wide range of products and services that deal precisely with your need to choose and find the product that best fits the reality of your institution.


Either for payment methods, 100% contactless or dual interface, Gemalto offers the next generation form factors, presenting optimized chips and operating systems of high security and industry leading performance RF power and transaction times in its class.

Display Interface

Increase the interactivity with your customers with a payment card equipped with a screen. A perfect solution for generating single use passwords, review the status of loyalty programs or updates balances.