Soluciones y Servicios

Mobile Solutions

Mobile platforms can be used in smartphones, laptops and other devices based on trusted commercial operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows) without compromising the security of the solutions. Additionally our solutions can incorporate devices Barcoding, RFID, images and GPS (Global Positioning System).

This Platform for Business Process Solutions [APPLICATION in MOBILE DEVICE, middleware, WEB APPLICATION] was created to support all processes requiring automation with a focus on productivity and efficiency, with a clear drive for customer satisfaction, and supported by the latest mobile wireless technology .

Our solutions focus on functional and technological requirements of mobile workers have developed an approach that allows the customer to choose the data transport technology most suitable to their needs [our applications run under any protocol data: CDMA – EVDO; GSM EDGE, GPRS, LTE, 4G] under more robust technologies available on mobile devices.

This platform offers:

  • Guarantee the speed of information
  • Significant time savings in traditional processes
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in the results of the mobile worker
  • Increased productivity: reduced transfers to the headquarters
  • Decreased transcription of data errors
  • Reducing fraud levels
  • Decrease fault for lost documents
  • Information filtered and verified before being stored
  • Significant cost savings by using paper
  • Improved levels of customer satisfaction
  • Generating new business opportunities
  • Increased income