Payment Solutions

Point of Sale (POS)

We offer Point of Sale (POS) terminals geared to small, medium size businesses, and large commercial chains, restaurants, service providers, including PYMES, Credit Unions, medical offices, entrepreneurs, taxis, office and home services with use in commercial transactions. Prepared equipment for the following remote payments: Paypass®, Payware® y NFC.

Equipment with the latest technology, with pin pad internal and/or external, desktop dialup/LAN and portables-GSM/Wifi, ready to accept all types of electronic payment technologies, contact or contactless, designed to comply with the national and international standards with applications developed and certified by the major payment networks.

Supporting the expansion of the national platform for the acceptance of the current electronic means of payment such as: bank debit/credit cards, food stamp cards, bonus/gift cards, private brand cards, and any other electronic means of payment.

PAX and SiteOne

PAX is an innovative and payment solutions provider with more than 10 years of experience, with a broad portfolio of EFT – POS certified PCI products, also with local certification for electronic transfer of funds EMV for VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

This Company is at the top ranking of POS terminal Solutions in banks acquired in China. In the past two years it has achieved an important evolution positioning itself as a global key player, winning important business, covering international markets with innovative products that are totally compatible with international standards achieving to be the fourth provider of POS in the world market.

SiteOne, founded in 2002 in Venezuela, is an enterprise that offers internet computer services. It has specialized in the area of security and transmission of information (data) in real time, participating in numerous projects both in Venezuela and other countries of the region. Since 2009 it started to developed applications for banking Point of Sale (POS), which has allowed them to specialized in the management of Point of Sales systems as well as certify applications for VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.