Soluciones y Servicios

Strong Authentication

We offer a full range of authentication devices: smart cards, card readers, tokens, mobile tokens, display cards, among others, all based on recognized standards (OATH).

Our proposal for Multichannel Strong Authentication, is focused on the segments of Retail Banking and Corporate Banking, for different electronic channels such as e-Banking, Mobile Banking, Telephone Banking, ATMs, Correspondents, etc.

This proposal is built around two concepts:

Authentication Center (AC)

Authentication Center allows banks at infrastructure level, to handle all authentication methods for both internal and external electronic channels, in an easy and integrated way. Authentication Center in addition to allow you to add new authentication methods without any difficulty, allows you to integrate the robust authentication solutions from third parties that the bank hold, thereby achieving a single solution of versatile authentication and centralized

Authentication Basket (AB)

Authentication Basket is a wide range of devices that are offered as an alternative to the end user, as a second factor of authentication to various electronic channels of the Bank. Gemalto provides different solutions such as tokens and mobile solutions based on open industry standards (OATH, EMV CAP), PKI and digital signatures.