Fraud Prevention and Security

Our products and services in the software as a service (SaaS) and On premise modality, we establish policies and security requirements for payment transactions.

We analyze and monitor the risk of fraud, its trends, reporting security incidents, statistical fraud data to our clients.


A token is a unit of value, which is used to give security to a business model and give more power to its users to interact with its products, they are unique digital assets that cannot be exchanged with each other, since no two are the same . The cryptography of the tokens allows to prove that the owner is the only owner of the original piece.


Fingerprint biometrics is one of the most recognized identity solutions worldwide, it guarantees an effective process, as well as high levels of security. It is one of the easiest and fastest forms of biometric validation..


Biometrics, also known as biometric recognition, is the automatic identification of individuals based on their biological characteristics and behavior. Biometrics is based on the recognition of a physical and non-transferable characteristic of people.


One-time password card based on hardware and software. Authentication devices through OTP tokens.


It is the set of techniques and tools used in order to protect the IT infrastructure and everything related to technology.

Digital security carries out the establishment of certain processes, methods and protocols that prevent the irruption of any cyber threat that could put the information stored or transferred at risk.

Learn about our solutions in the implementation of software, hardware and everything that the company values as risk.

Digital security

It encompasses not only generalized data and information, but also personal details about individuals and companies. Digital security or cybersecurity is currently applied to a wide range of elements and in particular it is necessary to make sure that all levels are reinforced, so that matters related to intellectual property and information security are protected in a convenient way. Cybersecurity or digital security is the set of techniques and tools used by an IT area with the aim of protecting the IT infrastructure.

Digital security carries out the establishment of certain processes, methods and protocols that prevent the irruption of any cyber threat that could put the information stored or transferred at risk. For this, the implementation of software, hardware and everything that the company values as risk is taken into account.

Solution of
KYC-AML for customer onboarding

Newtech has developed a platform for clients, through which they can request, create or even use new products that are managed remotely.

This allows customers from the comfort of their mobile phone, the bank can offer an On-Boarding channel for certain products, without the need for a physical presence in the branches. We do not leave aside the sensitivity of the application of “Know your Customer” policies and the prior review processes, such as:

  • OCR (Identity Document) information capture
  • Consultation in real time in restrictive sanctioning or binding lists
  • Risk analysis of the client profile
  • Automated recommendation result for customer due diligence
  • Integration with banking CORE for product opening processes


Tokenización para bancos emisores

Our TSH solution allows the connection of the issuer to VTS and MDES with a single multi-use case integration to our single gateway,) for American Express, we are working on its integration in our TSH). Through this connection, Issuers can digitize their card portfolio in the main digital payment wallets, including, among others, ApplePay, SamsungPay, GooglePay, Garmin Pay and FitBit Pay, as well as develop E-commerce use cases and Card On file that have had the most traction in Latin America such as Netflix, Uber, Amazon, Mercado Libre, among others. Other benefits of the offer delivered by Thales include:

  • Complete value offer: VISA, MasterCard, American Express (under development), EMVCO, Apple Pay direct broker, Samsung and Google certifications / All Tokenization CUs under the same interface.
  • References: more than 30 projects implemented in Tokenization (in their different use cases worldwide), Latin American entities such as: Transbank, CSU, Global Processing, Banco ITAU etc.
  • Certifications: Thales, in addition to being a direct broker for Apple, Samsung and Google, has the 4 certifications required by the two brands to offer the different tokenization services.
  • Infrastructure and SLA :. All services are mounted in at least 3 availability zones, on an A / A infrastructure and SLA of 99.99%. Thales is in a position to offer and ensure this SLA due to the demanding requirements of Apple, Samsung as well as the level of maturity of its infrastructure in security architecture and technologies, following the Thales corporate Security framework.
  • Onboarding and Tools delivered: Thales, delivers tools such as Test Sandbox (to speed up error detection), TSH Portal (for communication configuration and project monitoring) and OSD Stats (statistics portal for monitoring key KPIs of the solution’s operation).



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