Certification tools

The EMV migration process from magnetic stripe to chip technology is a complex process that has a profound impact on many critical areas of banking institutions, such as issuance, acquisition, security and authorization processes, among others.

The validation tools are a series of products (Hardware / Software), designed to verify the personalization and / or analyze the content of smart cards based on the specifications of the payment media platforms under the EMV standard. Likewise, there are tools for validating the messaging with the authorizer and also tools to validate the security cryptograms generated by a chip card in a transaction (Full-Grade).

Newtech with the support of FIME and Galitt, has a variety of certification tools accredited by our clients obtaining satisfactory results.


Consulting and training

We accompany our clients through comprehensive services, our experience allows us to participate in each project throughout its life cycle, with a strategic vision of the market, definition of processes, organizational structure, selection, installation, and maintenance of the infrastructure. technological, we join the client with a team of expert consultants in technology of means of payments applied in business, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.


Custom developments

We have established ourselves as a market leader and as one of the fastest growing companies in the banking services segment in the Latin American region. Understanding the needs of the business has allowed us to offer new services aimed at meeting specific requirements within the financial world. Hand in hand with Thales, Multos and FIME, we have the widest portfolio of products and solutions.

This is how Newtech has continued to improve its offer in relation to EMV migration, offering new products and cutting-edge technologies that are being implemented in Europe and Asia; This, together with the great global coverage provided by our strategic partners, allows us to provide quality services with the latest available technology.


Mobile solutions

Development of tools that allow the dematerialization of payments, incorporating biometric tools, mobile apps that enable new business models in payment methods, managed through artificial intelligence, the usability of technologies, Gamification to improve the customer experience before current transactional challenges.

What do mobile solutions cover?

This Business Process Solutions platform [Mobile Device Application, Middleware, Web Application], was created in order to support all those processes that require automation under a productivity and efficiency approach, with a clear inclination to customer satisfaction. and supported by state-of-the-art wireless mobile technology.

The advantages of our


Time saving in traditional processes


Efficiency and effectiveness in mobile worker outcomes


Guarantee of the speed of information


Increase in productivity: decrease in transfers to headquarters


Reduction of errors due to data transcription


Reduction of fraud levels


Reduction of failures due to loss of documents


Information filtered and verified before being stored


Significant cost savings per use of paper


Better levels of customer satisfaction


Generation of new business opportunities Higher income


Mobile Banking Demonstration


Contact a specialist now to find and tailor the best issuer or acquirer payment method solution for your business.


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